Infinite Art 003 - James Coyle

Infinite Art goes over seas for the 1st time to follow James Coyle, a true example of what it means to take a risk and go for what you want in life. Filled with a passion for skateboarding he moved to London from a small town in northern Ireland to pursue it more seriously and also develop a talent for making films. Enjoy episode 003 as he shares with us his story and why that decision proved to be worth while amidst much doubt and uncertainty.

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Infinite Art 002 - Monk.e

International visual artist and MC, Monk.e views his journey as a blessing and adapts to all obstacles creatively. The Quebec native currently paints murals in the largest street art festivals worldwide and has 9 albums to his name. It is an honor for Pomp to feature the masterful and humble Monk.e for the second episode of Infinite Art. 

View more of his work on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.